This project is integration of the TMC components for the Square Kilometre Array.

Getting started

TMC (Telescope Monitoring and Control)

The Telescope Monitor and Control (TMC) is the software module identified to perform the telescope management, and data management functions of the Telescope Manager. Main responsibilities identified for TMC are:

  • Operational monitoring and control of the telescope

  • Support execution of astronomical observations

  • Manage telescope hardware and software subsystems in order to perform astronomical observations

  • Manage the data to support operators, maintainers, engineers and science users to achieve their goals

  • Determine telescope state.

To support these responsibilities, the TMC performs high-level functions such as Observation Execution, Monitoring and Control of Telescope, Resource Management, Configuration Management, Alarm and Fault Management, and Telescope Data Management (Historical data and Real time data). These high level functions are again divided into lower level functions to perform the specific functionalities.

The TMC has a hierarchy of control nodes for Mid - Central Node, Subarray Node, SDP Leaf Nodes, CSP Leaf Nodes, MCCS Leaf Nodes, Dish Leaf Nodes.

The components(CentralNode, SubarrayNode, Leaf Nodes) of the TMC system are integrated in the TMC integration repository, which contains the Helm chart to deploy the TMC. More details on the design of the TMC and how to run it locally or in the integration environment can be found in the Documentation


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